Urea granules are coated with 1% polymer after which they are coated with natural extracted plant oil. Polymer coating together with plant oil make the nitrogen release more flexible and durable. This product can effectively control the nitrogen release to match crop demand, thus substantially increase nitrogen use efficiency. The longevity of this product is about three months. The release rate depends on the soil temperature and thickness of the membrane. The higher the soil temperature, the faster the nitrogen releases. Soil moisture, pH, and the activity of soil microorganisms have little impact on the fertilizer activity and nitrogen release of soil microorganisms.

Polymer Plant Oil Coated Urea 44-0-0 3M

    • Matches crops nitrogen demand
    • Increases yield, income, and fertilizer use efficiency
    • Reduces application times, dosage, nitrogen loss, and saves labor 
    • Environmentally friendly                         
    • Appropriate for most field crops especially corn, wheat, rice, and tomato
    • Use alone as a base fertilizer to produce positive results when applied with other base fertilizers    containing available nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium
    • Application rate: 300 to 750kg per hectare (based on crop’s nitrogen needs)
    • Apply as side-banding or hole-application at a depth of 10 to 15 cm 
    • Isolate seeds and fertilizers when applying at the same time 
    • Dry regions: use irrigation to release nitrogen and enhance crop growth
    • Top dressing with nitrogen may be beneficial 
    • Single basal applications could meet the growth needs of an entire growth period 

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