Potassium Nitrate is a source of potassium and nitrogen, two essential elements for plant nutrition and growth. It is widely used in the agricultural market as the main raw material of high-end water soluble fertilizers. This product can also be used for foliar applications.

Potassium Nitrate 13-0-45

    • High nutrient content, 100% plant nutrients, completely water-soluble, quick absorption. Supplies crops with water-soluble nitrate nitrogen and potassium. Nitrate nitrogen and potassium ions can be absorbed synergically, promoting the absorption of calcium and magnesium.
    • High purity, low salt index, no harmful substances. Safely use for a variety of crops in foliar application and drip irrigation with no leaf or root burning. Especially suitable for chlorine-sensitive crops.
    • Suitable for variety of crops, convenient application. Can be used on a variety of fruits and vegetables. Suitable for soil applications, water flushing, foliar spraying, or irrigation systems. Good compatibility with the majority of liquid fertilizer and pesticides. Partially avoids soil compaction caused by long term application of potassium sulphate.
    • Promotes water absorption, improves fruit quality.                        
    • Suitable for most plants especially Jasmine, grapes, potatoes, cotton, tomato, bananas, beets, kale, tobacco, and melons
    • Use as raw material for foliar fertilizers as it never precipitates with other phosphates and sulphates 
    • Widely used in production of various kinds of liquid fertilizers

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