Produced by wet-process reaction of phosphoric acid, urea solution, diluted phosphoric acid, and urea. Provides plants with N and P, promotes plant growth and development.

Urea Phosphate 17-44-0

    • High nutrient content, suitable for crop seedling and flower bud differentiation period, promotes root growth, and improves flower bud differentiation rate
    • Reduces ammonia volatilization and increases nitrogen use efficiency 
    • Completely water-soluble
    • Especially suitable for alkaline soil and hard water  
    • Convenient to mix with other fertilizers without precipitation
    • Apply by water flushing, drip irrigation, and fertigation
    • Proposed dilution > 250 for hard irrigation water containing high calcium and magnesium (pH>8.0)  
    • Proposed dilution > 1000 for all other water  
    • Use in alkaline soil (such as calcareous) and in blends with other water soluble fertilizers

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